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About Guido

Senior Manager Corporate Procurement

31 juli 2014

We met Guido Fricke, Senior Manager Corporate Procurement for TenneT in both Germany and the Netherlands. For this German family man, working in both countries means “commuting is part of the job description”.


We spoke about his position, why he considers TenneT a very “energizing” organization to work for and what future colleagues he seeks to recruit.

Working at TenneT

Working at TenneT for Guido means contributing to the decisive role TenneT plays in both Germany and the Netherlands in running large-scale projects in order to secure a reliable energy backbone for citizen of Europe. People who know how to play and expand supplier markets, who are interested in complex contractual constructions and who are knowledgeable “will find a perfect home within Procurement at TenneT”.


TenneT is a special organization. “TenneT is about entrepreneurship in a regulated world, about taking demands from society, markets and regulators seriously and based on that about developing security of energy supply as well as supporting the development of a strong North-West electricity market.” Being a reliable strategic partner for governments, authorities and market partners in preparing Europe for a stable energy future is of utmost importance within TenneT. Being both an integer organization and delivering quality is a necessary prerequisite to achieving this goal.

Guido’s selection

Selecting the right people, developing employees and proving an inspiring and empowering working environment is essential. Speaking of selecting the right people, the procurement team needs strengthening.


According to Guido, the right education and experience are key to future employees as well as an interest in TenneT’s business: “You must feel attracted to the inspiring world of electricity and grid”. Next to that, TenneT is looking for procurers who are prepared to invest and extend their capabilities in order to be able to play a proactive role in strategic tactical and operational decision-making for procurement and with its internal business partners. Guido explains that procurement within TenneT takes a very central role, as TenneT is about to invest far more than 10 billion euro within the next years to secure grid reliability and prepare the grid for changes in the energy system towards renewable energy sources.

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